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Release Info:

Afterworld label owners Zirenz join together with Japanese DJ Producer Ken Plus Ichiro to bring you their OPERA Vocal Trance master piece named “Concerto”. Fusing both the Classical vocal virtuoso talents of Zirenz and the electronic music production of Ken Plush Ichiro this crossover OPERA TRANCE is really aims to take you on a dramatic journey. Afterworld wanted to keep this a UK & Japanese team project so they invited two of Japan’s brightest DJ Producer talents BERNIS and Afterworld Sessions very own DJ talent TOSHI FURUYA both who bring their incredible flare to this unique package that we know will be a fantastic addition to your DJ Box this year!

 Release Track list:
01. Zirenz & Ken Plus Ichiro – Concerto  – Original OPERA Mix

  1. Zirenz & Ken Plus Ichiro – Concerto – Bernis Remix
  2. Zirenz & Ken Plus Ichiro – Concerto – Toshi Furuya Remix
  3. Zirenz & Ken Plus Ichiro – Concerto – Radio Edit

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